ECGC PO Salary 2022: In Hand, Pay Scale, Salary After Revision, Promotion

ECGC PO Salary 2022 – Salary Structure, Perks & Allowances & Salary Slip

This blog has been updated with the latest ECGC PO Salary information. This essay will go through the ECGC PO Salary In-Hand, Pay Scale, Basic Pay, Perks & Benefits, Job Profile, and Promotion in great depth. Candidates should familiarise themselves with all of the details before beginning the ECGC PO Exam study procedure.

Govt Jobs Updates

Every year, the Export Credit Guarantee Corporation issues an ECGC PO Recruitment Notification. This is one of the most crucial recruitment notifications for job seekers. You may learn more about the ECGC PO Salary now. If you are aware of the wage scales, you will be able to prepare more effectively. Following the publication of the notice, many applicants are eager to learn the remuneration for the advertised position. From the perspective of aspirants, we have published the ECGC PO Salary details, including the In Hand Salary, Pay Scale, Basic Pay, and Allowances.

Through training and development, ECGC Bank provides great career prospects for professional advancement in the highly specialized field in which the Corporation operates. Candidates should read this ECGC PO Salary page for more information.

ECGC PO Pay Scale:

After the provisional allotment, the pay scale for candidates selected for the position of Probationary Officer in the ECGC is Rs. 53600-2645(14)-90630 2865(4)-102090.

ECGC PO Salary In Hand 2022:

After adding the allowances and deduction of pension benefits, insurance coverage, etc the ECGC PO Salary In Hand 2022 ranges approximately Rs. 73,000/-.

ECGC PO Salary After Salary Revision

The ECGC PO Salary After Salary Revision lies about Rs. 53600-2645(14)-90630 2865(4)-102090. Candidates selected on the PO posts are also eligible for the allowances and benefits provided by the ECGC.

ECGC PO Annual Package

As per the ECGC PO Salary After Revision, the current CTC of an ECGC Probationary Officer posted in Mumbai is approximately 16 lakhs per annum.

ECGC PO Salary Structure 2022

Components Amount in Rupees
Basic Rs. 53,600.00/-
Special Allowance Rs. 4,500.00/-
Variable Data Rs. 21,892.00/-
House Rent Allowance(HRA) Rs. 918.00/-
City Compenasatory Allowance(CCA) Rs. 1,340.00/-
Transport Allowance Rs. 1,960/-
ECGC PO Salary 2022(Gross) Rs. 84,210/-
EMP NPS Rs. 7,954/-
Professional Tax Rs. 300/-
Rent Rec Rs. 210.57/-
Total Rs. 8059.57/-
ECGC PO Salary 2022(NET) Rs. 76,151/-

ECGC PO Salary and Perks 2022:

Along with ECGC PO Salary Basic Pay, candidates are entitled to several allowances and perks provided by the ECGC for its Executive Officers like Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance / HouseLease Reimbursement, Transport Allowance, Medical Allowance, Newspaper Allowance, Meal coupons, Reimbursement of Mobile Bills, Mobile Handset & Briefcase Allowance, Furniture Allowance, Household help Allowance, etc. Let’s see the complete details.

Meal vouchers Rs. 205 per working day
Expenses for Household Help Reimbursement Rs. 1000 per month
Entertainment Reimbursement Rs. 800 per month
Mobile Phone Bill Reimbursement Rs. 400 per month
Newspaper Reimbursement Rs. 200 per month
Cash Medical Benefit Rs. 13,300 per year
Mobile Reimbursement Rs. 10,000 once in three years
Furniture Allowance Rs. 87500GST once in five years
Office Carry Bag Reimbursement Rs. 3000 once every three years
Travel Allowance 2nd AC fare of 4500 km each to and fro with family every two years / Leave Travel Concession to Hometown for self every year.
PLI BONUS Total yearly Basic + DA (Dearness Allowance) up (Maximum)
Insurance coverage Insurance coverage of Rs. 50 Lakhs + Rs. 8 Lakhs(GST)
Med claim coverage Med claim coverage of up to 40 Lakhs for the family (The candidate has to pay (one-fourth) of the premium)
Defined Pension Scheme The Corporation makes an equal contribution of 10% Basic) Pay + DA
The corporation pays approximately Rs. 30,000 income tax per year on the candidate’s behalf
Paid Leaves of 30 days every two years redeemed on Basic, DA, CCA

ECGC PO Salary Slip 2022:

The ECGC PO will get a wage slip for the preceding month’s compensation after each payment cycle. The various parts of pay, such as gross pay, allowances, and net pay, are discussed on the ECGC PO Salary Slip 2022. All deductions and allowances for the preceding month are included on the ECGC PO salary slip. The ECGC PO Salary Slip is required when applying for bank loans and completing your annual tax form.

ECGC PO Job Profile:

Along with ECGC PO Salary, one of the important sections is the job profile. The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India determines the job profile and responsibilities (ECGC). The Probationary Officer at the ECGC is responsible for a variety of responsibilities. It is the Export Insurance Provider’s responsibility.

  • An ECGC PO works a total of five days each week.
  • The role entails engagement with significant customers such as bankers and exporters, so the ECGC PO must have strong interpersonal skills.
  • The ECGC PO is under medium to high work pressure because he or she is responsible for all export transactions.
  • Not a bank but plays role theĀ  of Export Insurance Provider
  • Needs to have good interaction skills as the post requires interaction with important customers like bankers and exporters
  • Other work may include. Underwriting, accounts, or administration work in branch
  • Can be posted anywhere in India as it has branches all over India so the posting can be PAN India.
  • Needs to work at a location for about 3 years (may vary to 4-5 years sometimes) before getting transferred to a new location
  • Majority staff at Mumbai.

ECGC PO Promotion & Career Growth:

ECGC offers a competitive wage, stable employment, and numerous career opportunities in the banking industry. Promotions and advancements based on performance are quite appealing. ECGC PO Promotion and Career Growth Opportunities are listed below.

Post Name Grade Pay Level Experience
Assistant General Manager Scale-V Departmental Exam + Interview 3 Years
Senior Manager Scale-IV Departmental Exam + Interview 2 Years
Manager Scale-III Departmental Exam + Interview 2 Years
Assistant Manager Scale-II Interview 3 Years
Executive Officer Scale-I Level-13 3 Years