The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary– 07th May 2020

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary – 07th May 2020

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: Dear Aspirants, English Vocabulary plays a significant role in most of the competitive examinations like Govt jobs Interviews, TNPSC, IAS, UPSC, SSC, Railway, Banking, etc. So the candidates who have a desire to crack the exams with flying colors should be good at English Vocabulary. It is important that you have to read The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary on a daily basis in order to augment your English Scores. Many students struggle a lot to clear cut-off marks in English Section.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary
The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary

Therefore, we have started to provide 10 new words regularly to make you attain victory in the competitive exams. Test your vocabulary and assess yourself with regard to your competitive exams. You can effortlessly learn the new words of ‘The Hindu Editorial’ with meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and relevant examples from our site regularly. Further, we have provided the respective day’s The Hindu Editorial Newspaper for your convenience.

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary: May 07, 2020

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1. Evacuate (Verb): (ख़ाली करना)
Remove (someone) from a place of danger to a safer place.
clear, move out, take away
Antonyms hold
Example Several families were evacuated from their homes.
2. Defer (Verb): (योग्यता स्वीकार करना)
Put off (an action or event) to a later time; postpone.
postpone, put off, adjourn
stand up to, disobey
Example They deferred the decision until February.
3. Conundrum (Noun): (समस्या)
A confusing and difficult problem or question.
Problem, difficult, quandary
Antonyms solution, explanation
Example One of the most difficult conundrums for experts.
4. Consummate (Adjective): (उत्तम)
Showing great skill and flair.
Synonyms perfect, exemplary, supreme
Antonyms imperfect
Example She dressed with consummate elegance.
5. Hurl (Verb): (वेग से फेंकना)
Throw or impel (someone or something) with great force.
Synonyms toss, fling
Antonyms catch, hold
Example Rioters hurled a brick through the windscreen.
6. Apposite (Adjective): (विषाद)
Apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.
appropriate, suitable, fitting
Antonyms inappropriate
Example An apposite quotation.
7. Maverick (Noun): (व्यक्तिवादी)
An unorthodox or independent-minded person.
Individualist, nonconformist, free spirit
Antonyms conformist
Example He’s the maverick of the senate.
8. Rebut (Verb): (खंडन करना)
Claim or prove that (evidence or an accusation) is false.
Synonyms refute, deny, disprove
Antonyms confirm
Example He had to rebut charges of acting for the convenience of his political friends.
9. Cite (Noun): (उद्धरण देना)
An official summons or notice is given to a person to appear.
Synonyms quote, reproduce, mention
Antonyms conceal
Example Authors who are highly regarded by their peers tend to be cited.
10. Flak (Noun): (आलोचना)
Strong criticism.
criticism, censure, disapproval
approval, flattery
Example You must be strong enough to take the flak if things go wrong.