The Hindu Vocabulary April – 29

The Hindu Vocabulary:

Dear all, We are providing The Hindu Vocabulary to get good marks in the English section in Bank PO, SO, SSC, and every single Competitive Exam. The Readers we have given English vocabulary passage along with the meaning, synonyms, Antonyms, and usages of hard words to make use of it, and also you can learn more new words so that you can develop your vocabulary. This will help you to understand the passage clearly.

The Hindu Vocabulary april 10
The Hindu Vocabulary


  1. Detriment (Verb) – “He is engrossed in his work to the detriment of his married life”

Meaning – the state of being harmed or damaged.

Synonyms – damage, injury

Antonyms – benefit


  1. Disruption (Noun) – “The scheme was planned to minimize disruption.”

Meaning – disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process.

Synonyms – disordering, disarranging, disarranging, interference

Antonyms – union


  1. Behemoth (Adjective) – “Shoppers are now more loyal to their local shops than to faceless behemoths.”

Meaning – something enormous, especially a large and powerful organization.

Synonyms – enormous, colossal

Antonyms – tiny


  1. Woe (Noun) – “the Everton tale of woe continued.”

Meaning – great sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically).

Synonyms – sorrow, distress

Antonyms – happiness


  1. Axiomatic (Adjective) – “It is axiomatic that dividends have to be financed”

Meaning – self-evident or unquestionable.

Synonyms – accepted, self-evident, unquestionable, undeniable

Antonyms – disputable

6. Ongoing (Adjective) – “The negotiations on the deal are ongoing.”

Meaning – continuing; still in progress.

Synonyms – in progress, underway, going on, happening, continuing

Antonyms – finished


7. Striking (Adjective) – “striking mineworkers.”

Meaning – (of an employee) on strike.

Synonyms – obvious, conspicuous, noticeable, salient

Antonyms –  inconspicuous


8. Subject (Adjective) – “He was subject to bouts of depression.”

Meaning – likely or prone to be affected by (a particular condition or occurrence, typically an unwelcome or unpleasant one).

Synonyms – liable to, prone to

Antonyms – resistant


9. Bout (Noun) – “Occasional bouts of exercise are essential.”

Meaning – period, time.

Synonyms – underprivileged, impoverished

Antonyms – stagnation


10. Strenuous (Adjective) – “the government made strenuous efforts to upgrade the quality of the teaching profession.”

Meaning – requiring or using great effort or exertion.

Synonyms – taxing, tough, hard, difficult, arduous

Antonyms – easy, effortless, half-hearted, feeble