The Hindu Vocabulary Today (April – 6)

Dear all, We are providing The Hindu Vocabulary to get good marks in the English section in Bank PO, SO, SSC, and every single Competitive Exam. The Readers we have given English vocabulary passage along with the meaning, synonyms, Antonyms, and usages of hard words to make use of it and also you can learn more new words so that you can develop your vocabulary. This will help you to understand the passage clearly.

The Hindu Vocabulary
The Hindu Vocabulary


  1. Tottering (Verb) “A Hunched figure tottering down the part”

Meaning – Move in a feeble or unsteady way

Synonyms – Teeter, walk unsteadily, stagger

Antonyms – Stable, Steady, Strong


  1. Paramount (Adjective) “The interests of the child are of paramount importance”

Meaning – More important than anything else; supreme

Synonyms – most important, of greatest importance, of prime importance

Antonyms –Least, Last, Inferior


  1. Outlay (Noun) – “A Modest outlay local advertising”

Meaning – An amount of money spent on something

Synonyms –Expenditure, Expenses, Spending

Antonyms – Blessing, Boon, Income


  1. Perilous (Adjective) “a perilous journey south”

Meaning – A full of danger or risk

Synonyms – dangerous, fraught with danger, hazardous

Antonyms – Safe, Secure


  1. Detract (Verb) “There quibbles in no way detract from her achievement”

Meaning – Diminish the worth or value(a Quality or achievement)

Synonyms – belittle, take away from, diminish

Antonyms – Enhance


6. Abrupt (Verb) “I was surprised by the abrupt change of subject.”

Meaning – Sudden and unexpected.

Synonyms – Immediate, Instantaneous, Hasty

Antonyms – Gradual, Unhurried, Friendly, Polite, Expansive


7. Impediment (Verb) “In a number of developing countries, war has been an additional impediment to progress.”

Meaning – A hindrance or obstruction in doing something.

Synonyms – Hindrance, Obstruction, Obstacle, Barrier

Antonyms – Benefit


8. Crippling (Verb) “A crippling attack of malaria kept him in bed for months.”

Meaning – Causing a person to become unable to walk or move properly.

Causing a severe and almost insuperable problem.

Causing serious injuries or harm.

Synonyms – Disable, Incapacitate, Lame, Maim, Mutilate

Antonyms – Boost


9. Staggering (Verb) “It costs a staggering Rs 50,000 per week to keep the museum open to the public.”

Meaning – Deeply shocking.

Synonyms – Astonishing.

Antonyms – Dull, Mundane, Unexceptional, Enervating, Monotonous


10. Inevitable (Verb) “The accident was the inevitable consequence of carelessness.”

Meaning – Certain to happen.

Synonyms – Unavoidable, Inescapable

Antonyms – Avoidable, Uncertain