The Hindu Vocabulary Today – April 8

Dear all, We are providing The Hindu Vocabulary to get good marks in the English section in Bank PO, SO, SSC, and every single Competitive Exam. The Readers we have given English vocabulary passage along with the meaning, synonyms, Antonyms, and usages of hard words to make use of it and also you can learn more new words so that you can develop your vocabulary. This will help you to understand the passage clearly.

The Hindu Vocabulary
The Hindu Vocabulary


  1. Contagion – “The doctor says there’s no danger of contagion.”

Meaning – The communication of disease from one person or organism to another by close contact.

Synonyms – Contamination, Infection, Disease, Illness



  1. Pestilence – “After years of war and pestilence, few people remained in the city.”

Meaning – fatal epidemic disease, especially bubonic plague.

Synonyms – Plague, Bubonic plague, Disease

Antonyms – Health


  1. Whirlwind – “My life has been a whirlwind lately.”

Meaning – Used with reference to a very energetic person or a tumultuous process.

Synonyms – Rapid, Lightning, Overnight

Antonyms – Slow


  1. Obfuscate – “Politicians keep obfuscating the issues.”

Meaning – Showing defiance.

Synonyms – Intransigent, Resistant, Obstinate

Antonyms – Clarify,


  1. Defiant – “The protesters blocking the entrance to the offices remained defiant this morning.”

Meaning – A judgment or verdict that a person is not guilty of the crime with which they have been charged.

Synonyms – Absolution, Clearing, Exoneration

Antonyms – Apologetic, Cooperative


6. Unconscionable – “And what begins as a dark comedy is transformed, ultimately, into an unconscionable bloodbath.”

Meaning – Not right or reasonable.

Synonyms – Unethical, Amoral, Immoral, Unprincipled

Antonyms – Ethical, Acceptable

7. Communalism – “The prime minister also called terrorism, fundamentalism and communalism the biggest challenges to Indian unity.”

Meaning – Allegiance to one’s own ethnic group rather than to the wider society.

Social organization on a communal basis. Loyalty to a sociopolitical grouping based on religious or ethnic affiliation.

Synonyms – Allegiance, Loyalty, Dedication, Commitment

Antonyms – Inarticulate Disloyalty, Unfaithfulness, Loyal, Infidelity


8. Fissure – “The other three fissures formed soon after, as pressure on nearby ice built up.”

Meaning – A long, narrow opening or line of breakage made by cracking or splitting, especially in rock or earth.

Synonyms – A state of incompatibility or disagreement.



9. Smouldering – “The smouldering can go unnoticed for many days before smoke starts to be seen.”

Meaning – The process of burning slowly with smoke but no flame.




10. Mitigate – “Drainage schemes have helped to mitigate this problem.”

Meaning – Make something bad less severe, serious, or painful.

Synonyms – Alleviate, Reduce, Diminish

Antonyms – Aggravate, Increase, Intensify