Tips and Tricks to Solve the Probability Problem

In several competitive exams like the Bank, civil Services, or others, the probability is the module that is asked in plenty of examinations. Thus, it is important for candidates to score good marks by cracking the right answer. Apart from competitive exams, in higher classes like 11th and 12th, you also have some questions based on dice and coins.

So, if you are preparing for any examination or want to get good scores in this section, this guide is right for you. In this blog, we are highlighting certain tips and tricks about this module on how to solve questions in no time? Keep reading this post.

How to crack probability questions easily?

Remember that there are different types of questions involved in the probability. Below we have highlighted a few tricks and tips to make these probability questions easier to solve. Want to know how? Read on.

1. The sum of value is not greater than one

In simpler terms, if you want to define what is meant by probability, then the sum of both probability questions should not be greater than one. It means if there is a question about what is the probability of getting head and getting tail in a coin. The answer would be 1. How? It is because ½ and ½ addition give the final outcome.

As you know, if ½+½=1 then no calculation will give the final value greater than 1. Also, remember that the final solved value will be greater than zero. So, to make the solving process easier, you should have a good command of basic mathematical skills. Do not forget your basics or else it will be a problem for you only during the examination. Follow this tip carefully and make a note of it too.

2. Understand what is meant by AND/OR

No matter if you are solving textbook problems, reference book problems, or any other questions. There are a couple of terminologies in the question which are AND / OR. If we talk about grammar then AND is used to connect two sentences. Whereas, OR gives you the alternative. So, if you encounter such terms during your studies, just make a simple note of what we are telling you.

AND is mostly used for multiplication purposes. Whereas OR indicates the additional purpose. So, do not get confused when you are solving probability questions. Follow these principles and just make sure you do your best. In fact, many trigonometry questions are also there in exams along with the probability. It is better to get your basics clear beforehand.

3. Visualization is necessary

It is good that you apply logic and proper understanding to solve the problem. But visualizing the problem is also very necessary. It is because if you visualize the question then problem-solving becomes an easier job. Like if there is a question on dice then you have to visualize a dice with certain probable cases. In this manner, you will develop an interest in the subject.

4. Define all possible cases

Although you may have different questions on different cases. Like in one chapter or a question paper there might be questions on dice and coins. So, to avoid confusion and make the solving task easier. It is recommended to define all kinds of probabilities and possibility cases. Just make sure you have your basics clear and get command over concepts.

We want students and candidates to learn a few tips and tricks. Although probability is a challenging module, there are certain challenges associated with it. Hopefully, this guide would have helped you overcome problems in probability.